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Historically, the region that today shelters the wines of the Méntrida Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), was conceded during the Middle Ages, to certain jurisdictional lordships that took charge of the governments and carried out a rapid repopulation.   Proof of this are the references to vineyards that date back to the twelfth century. The wine culture was thriving and reached its peak in the splendour in Madrid in the Austrias time, where these wines were very popular.  The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), as we know it today, was born in 1976.  Since then the PDO has gone through several stages and now faces new markets and new challenges.

In this sense, the rise of new wineries and the work of the most traditional ones is placing this name in the best positions at national and international markets.  Proof of this are the awards received by some wines produced there. These awards are given by the press and specialized distribution which has placed the Designation in a unique position with a great future.