Canopy Consul, S.L.

Ctra. Vamojado – Toledo, Km. 24
45180 - Camarena
Toledo (España)
Telephone: +34 619 24 48 78 / +34 696 46 76 91
Fax: +34 925 28 36 81
CIF: B-45578242
Name of the person in charge: Alfonso Chacón Gil
Position in the company: Manager
Contact phone: +34 619 24 48 78
Canopy was born as a project of 2 winemakers friends, wine professionals in the world of business and hotel trade:  Alfonso Chacón y Belarmino Fernández. Two very different personalities coming together to achieve their little dream: to make a quality wine from the vineyard.  

It all begins in 2004 with the selection of vineyards and a commitment to the Mentrida PDO in Toledo that has old vineyards based mainly in the variety Garnacha and some lands with very special characteristics.

The cultivation of the vine is based in a commitment to the ecosystem and sustainable development. We do not use synthetic products on processes, fertilizer amounts are virtually zero and the soil is worked by faring techniques of scarce deepness. In addition to this, due to its strong Mediterranean-continental climate, the vineyards do not need many treatments or pesticides, so we merely apply sulfur several times a year.

After aging the wine is slightly clarified with egg albumin.    Subsequently, we do not stabilize or filter with the aim of ensuring its maximum expression. The coopage of each brand is defined by the characteristics of the year and respecting the desired profile:  Tres Patas is a wine marked by the Garnache and Malpaso and shows a white dominant Syrah.

The first year production, 2004, was limited to 30,000 bottles of 0.75 liters. Our goal is to increase production when we can ensure the highest quality of the grape.
In 2005, the results were excellent, which makes us look to the future with optimism.


Name of the brand: TRES PATAS 2007, MALPASO 2007 and LA VIÑA ESCONDIDA 2007
Mentrida Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)
Type of wine:
Young red wine
Alfonso Chacón y Belarmino Fernández
Garnacha, Syrah

  • Localization of the vineyard: Camarena and Real de San Vicente
  • Climate: Continental - Mediterranean
  • Soil: Sandy (silica) of granitic origin.
  • Plots or hectares: 10 - 11 plots
  • Age of the vineyard:
    40 -70 years, Garnacha variety
    15 years Syrah variety


  • Harvesting by hand in boxes, separately.
  • Pre-fermentative maceration in cold, traditional stepping during fermentation.
  • FRUD malolactic fermentation.
  • Plastic 5,000l deposit and 1,500 l. of Plastic tino.
  • Stick removing without crushing.
  • Extraction Pump (Peristaltic) and stepped.
  • Maceration time of 20-10 days
  • Complete malolactic elaboration in barrels

Aging: The wine is transfered in 2000 l french oak barrels using a frude.
Analytical data:

  • Alcoholic content: 14.5%
  • pH: 3.40
  • Total acidity (g/l) 6.20 - 6,30


  • Service temperature: 14º
  • Decanting

Production (in bottles and liters) 40.000 bottles
Boxes format:
Boxes of 6 bottles

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