Finca Constancia, S.L.

Camino del Bravo, s/n
45543 – Otero
Toledo (España)
Telephone: +34 925 86 15 35 / +34 91 490 37 00
Fax: +34 925 86 15 33 / +34 91 661 21 24
Name of the person in charge: Cesar Fernández
Position in the company: Director, Manager
Contact phone: +34 925 86 15 35

The land was acquired by Gonzalez Byass in 2001 and, after a hard study of the characteristics of both soil and climate, proceeded to plant the vineyard with varieties that best suited the characteristics of the area.    In February 2005 the construction of the new winery began, which was founded in May 23 2006.

The winery was built using the latest techniques.  Care for the quality of wines prevailed in the design. The winery is visually divided into three, using the key elements in wine production. A wooden part where the barrel and bottle rack can be found, a glass portion where the bottling is done and a part made of stainless steel where the fermentation and storage vats are located. The winery is designed so that they can produce both young wines with plenty of fruit and varietal characteristics and more complex wines for a more demanding public with the high quality of the great wines of Spain.


Type of wine: Red and white
Vigneron/enologist: Cesar Fernández
Varieties: With regards to red wine varieties we find that most of them are tempranillo (with 70 hectares.), followed by syrah, cabernet sauvignon and petit verdot, cabernet franc and Graciano.  In white varieties: Most of them are Verdejo (with 12 hectares.), followed with a lesser surface sauvignon blanc, and chardonnay.
The farm also includes a small plot for very old vines of Garnacha variety. Agriculture: conventional, ecological, biodinamic

  • Localization of the vineyard: Sierra de Gredos in Otero (Toledo)
  • Climate: Continental - Mediterranean, dry and extreme, with significant variation in temperature between seasons and an average annual rainfall of 520 mm., distributed during winter and spring but not during ripening time. This lack of rain ensures good condition of the fruit and its optimum ripeness.
  • Soil: Originated by the erosion of granitic materials from Gredos Mountain Range. It is a deep soil with a loamy texture, good drainage and a balanced level of organic matter.The land is corrugated with a significant variations in soil types that we find in different plots of the vine. This heterogeneity allows for different nuances within each of the varieties that owns the property, thus obtaining the complexity and richness of its wines.
  • Plots or hectares: 195 hectares
  • Altitude: 480 meters


  • The winery was built using the latest techniques.
  • Wine fermentation and storage in stainless steel tanks.
  • The barrels and the bottle rack are made of wood. Currently,  there are 500 barrels.
  • Young wines with plenty of fruit and varietal characteristics are produced.
  • More complex wines for a more demanding public and with the quality of the great wines of Spain.

Production (in bottles and liters) 720.000 bottles

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