Jiménez-Landi Wineries

Avda. de la Solana, 39
45930 – Méntrida
Toledo (España)          
Telephone: +34 91 817 82 13
Fax: +34 91 817 82 13
Mail: info@jimenezlandi.com
Web: www.jimenezlandi.com
Person in charge: José Benavides Jiménez-Landi
Contact phone:+34 91 817 82 13
We are a small winery located in the town of Méntrida, a town with a long history in wine-making that gives name to the designation of origin from the northwestern province of Toledo: MENTRIDA PDO

The winery is part of the family home whose oldest part, the cave smashed by hand, goes back to the seventeenth century. There our made wine in clay jars.

The current project led by Jose Benavides Jiménez - Landi and Daniel Gómez Jiménez - Landi started in 2004 with the sole aim of producing wines based on respect for nature, tradition and balance with our environment. It is precisely the belief that nature offers its best gifts when it is grown with respect that leads us to make, in the 27 acres that we own, organic farming and get started in biodynamic practices.  The fruits thus obtained express the characteristics of soil and climate, land and sky.

Our work focuses on the Garnacha, the queen variety in Mentrida PDO, without neglecting other varieties that complement it as the Syrah.

The philosophy of elaboration is that of reflecting the properties of our land, looking for elegance and balance in the wines.


Mentrida Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)
Type of wine:
Aging red wine
Varieties: Garnacha (mostly)
Organic Vineyard


  • Localization of the vineyard: All vineyards can be found in the municipality Méntrida and El Real de San Vicente.
  • Climate: Méntrida climate is the extreme continental type with long cold winters, somewhat tempered by be protection from northern and western cold winds that exerts the mountain barrier of Gredos. Summers are hot and rainfalls scarce, about 465 mm per year in Méntrida and almost 900 mm/year in El Real de San Vicente, concentrated in autumn and spring.
  • Soil: Sandy (silica) of granitic origin.
  • lots or hectares: 20 hectares
  • Altitude: 550 - 850 meters
  • Age of the vineyard: Méntrida 12-40 years and El Real de San Vicente 40-70 years old.


  • Harvesting by hand in little boxes
  • The vineyards are separately elaborated in small French oak vats and open barrels of 500 liters.
  • Whole grape with stalk (between 30 - 100% depending on the vine)
  • Cold Pre-fermentative maceration (2-7 days)
  • Soft extractions without using pumps (stepped with feet)
  • Maceration time: 10-30 days
  • Natural malolactic fermentation in barrels
  • Aging with ropes

Aging: 14 months aging in French oak barrels of 500 and 1500 liters. Bottling: No clarification, filtering or stabilization.
Analytical data:

  • Alcoholic content: 14,50º
  • pH: 3.3 
  • Total acidity (g/l) 5.7
  • SO2  total (mg/l): 50


  • Service temperature: 16 - 17 ºC
  • Open 1 hour before serving so that the wine expresses its organoleptic properties better.
  • Borgogna cups are recommended

Production: (in bottles and liters) 100.000 bottles

Box Format: 6 bottles

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