La Cerca Wineries, S.L

C/ Lepanto, 15
45950 – Casarrubios del Monte
Toledo (España)                                              
Telephone: +34 91 817 24 56
Fax: +34 91 817 24 56
CIF: A-45017324
Name of the person in charge: JoséIgnacio Montero, Position at the company: Manager
Contact phone: +34 91 817 24 56
In Toledo, in the Castilian plateau, where Casarrubios del Monte is situated, with its residents, its sometimes undulated lands, but generally flat, ocher, yellow for its cereals, green for its extensively green vineyards.

It is difficult to know how it started, who planted the first vines. It must be very old because it seems that the vines have always been there.

However, someone paid attention to the sandstone and limestone soil composition. Also, someone realized that short and cold winters in contrast to long, hot summers were another advantage.  Yes, someone must have realized it, because we now know that these things are the most ideal conditions for the successful development of the vine. And this time passing, so long for the people of Casarrubios, the countless hands stiff with cold, the shirts soaked in sweat, taught some lessons.   The knowledge passed from one to another, it was accumulated, and grew bigger and bigger.

A proof is the superb quality of the grapes obtained, prominently the "garnacha", small, round, sweet and in tight clusters. We can also find the varieties of Tempranillo and Cabernet, although in a lesser proportion.

In this vineyard paradise LA CERCA wineries in the year 1957.

The success achieved can be measured by the gradual and spectacular extension of the wine cellar.  From processing capacity of 300,000 liters in the beginning, in just two years this amount was doubled. Later on, it was expanded to 1,200,000 liters and now we have a capacity of 2,500,000 liters.

The wineries, interesting for its antiquity and its excellent state of preservation, are open not only for those fans of good wine, but also to its history. At the same time we have strived to continually improve our wines and have the latest winemaking technology.


Name of the brand: DON CECILIO and MOLINO VIEJO Type of wine: Young Red, White and Rosé Vigneron/enologist: José Ignacio Montero
Syrah, garnacha, tempranillo, verdejo

  • Localization of the vineyard: Casarrubios
  • Climate: Continental - Mediterranean
  • Soil: Sandy (silica) of granitic origin.
  • Plots or hectares: 20 parcels
  • Orientation:
  • Altitude:
  • Age of the vineyard 40-70 years and 10-20 years


  • Hand and machine harvesting.
  • Wines are elaborated separately in 20.000 liters stainless steel tanks.
  • Whole grape with stalks collected by hand and without stalk by machine
  • Pre-fermentative maceration (20º).
  • Soaking time of 10-15 days
  • Extraction in pump
  • Natural malolactic fermentation 
  • Aging: Aging in ropes Bottling: Stabilized in cold and filtering

Analytical data:

  • Alcoholic content: 14 %
  • pH: 3.5 - 3.6 years
  • Total acidity (g/l) 5.4 - 5.6 years
  • SO2  total (mg/l): 60 - 80


  • Service temperature: 16- 18º

Production: (in bottles and liters):
20.000 bottles of red wine
10.000 bottles of white wine
10.000 bottles of rosé wine

Boxes format:
boxes of 6 and 12 bottles.

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