Ntra. Sra. de la Natividad Cooperative

C/ Puente San Roque, 1
45930 – Méntrida
Toledo (España)           
Telephone: +34 91 817 70 04
Fax: +34 91 817 70 04

WEB: www.cooperativamentrida.es
Mail: cooperativanatividad@gmail.com
CIF: F-45001617
Person in charge: Alejandrino Vaquero Romo
Position at the company: Manager
Contact phone: +34 91 817 70 04

This cooperative is located in the municipality of Mentrida, situated in the winemaking zone at the north of Toledo province, bordering with Madrid province.

This land currently dedicated to vine is 13.022 hectares.

From its creation until today, the winery has been modernized and several changes have been made that have helped maintain an acceptable technology level.   In 1992, a project was undertaken to set up a bottling plant built in the same winery, and so marketing of the production started under the cooperative's own brands (Vega Berciana).

From this date, cellar cooling systems have been incorporated in order to improve the quality of red and rosé varieties.  It also has American oak barrels, where they Crianza wines stay.


Name of the brand: VEGA BERCIANA
Zone: Mentrida Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Type of wine: Young Red Wine, Crianza and Rosé Wine
Vigneron/enologist: Victor Vicente Yangues Pérez 
Varieties: Garnacha and Cencibel
Agriculture: Conventional

  • Localization of the vineyard: Méntrida, Hadez del Fresno (Madrid) 
  • Climate: Continental - Mediterranean 
  • Soil: Sandy/clay 
  • Plots or hectares: 
  • Age of the vineyard: 40 - 70 years 


  • Harvest by hand 
  • Elaboration together (separated by varieties and all the lots), in deposits of stainless steel of 100.000 liters  
  • Fermentation controlled in cold 
  • Maceration time: 5-10 days 
  • Fementation is not carried out in barrels 
  • Aging: 12 months aging in American oak barrels of 225 liters. Crianza red and 
  • Aged Garnacha, its aging is at least 6 months. 
  • Bottling: Clarified, Stabilized by cold 
  • Filtering by diatom soils, filtering by polishing plaques and micro-filtering.  

Analytical data:

  • Alcoholic content: 14.5% 
  • pH: 3.4 - 3.6 years 
  • Total acidity (g/l) 5.5 - 5.9 years 
  • SO2  total (mg/l): 80 


  • Service temperature: Red wine 17-20 C and rosé 14-17 C. 

Production: (in bottles and liters): 20.000 bottles of white wine and 30000 of Red wine.

Boxes format: Boxes of 3, 6 and 12 bottles.

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